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CuddleSnugs Baby Sleeping Bags (9-24m) - Chocolate

CuddleSnugs Baby Sleeping Bags (9-24m) - Chocolate
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Product Description

Cuddlesnugs baby sleeping bags

Size : 80-100 cm and is suitable from around 9 months to 2 years.

A cuddly, snuggly sleeping bag perfect for babies on the move!

Warm but lightweight, being made from a single layer of quality polyester fleece, CuddleSnugs help baby to maintain a comfortable temperature. They are warm enough for use outside in cold weather, but baby will not get too warm in the car or supermarket. Fleece will not absorb water so a light drizzle of rain will roll off the fleece without soaking in. Fleece is lightweight and stretchy, allowing baby to move freely without being 'bunched up' in a thick snow suit, and baby can kick freely inside the bag.


CuddleSnug sleep suits are designed to be used in a variety of situations to keep baby comfortable with minimum fuss.

1. Use in the pram or buggy
Simply pass the bottom strap through the reinforced opening in the back of the sleeping bag and fasten the harness as usual. Then popper up the sleeping bag to keep baby draught-free.

2. Use in the car seat
No need to take baby out of his cosy warm sleeping bag when transferring him to the cold car seat. You may even be able to transfer him without him waking up for that after-bedtime drive home. If it gets warm in the car you can leave the sleeping bag open at the legs.

3. Use in the shopping trolley or swing
Lift baby straight out of the buggy or car seat in his sleeping bag, leaving the bag open at the legs and fasten the trolley harness.

Suitable for babies AND older children, CuddleSnugs are generously sized to allow for growth without having to buy multiple sizes. The Medium size is 80-100 cm and is suitable from around 9 months to 2 years.

Make nappy changing when out and about a breeze!

Because of the half coat - half sleeping bag design it is very easy to get to baby's bum for nappy changing! No more struggling to get a wriggly baby out of restrictive snow-suits legs, simply undo the poppers of the lower half of the suit and 'peel back' the sleeping bag to reveal baby's clothing.

Suitable for use with all three-point or five-point safety harnesses. CuddleSnugs also have openings in the side so that safety harnesses can be fastened inside the sleeping bag if preferred. Designed by a Danish mum for her own children.


Machine washable at 30ºC and hang to dry (Avoid tumble drying). Your CuddleSnug will dry quickly in a warm place. The fleece fabric is anti-pil so should not 'bobble' in the wash. Wash dark colours separately or with similar coloured items and avoid washing with new natural fibre products that will shed 'fluff'. Available in a range of attractive solid colours.

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