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Bibs for Babies and Toddlers

These must be the softest, most comfortable bibs you will come across! Ideal for babies that dribble a lot, especially during teething, or for those who tend to 'spit up' after feeding.


Easy nappies carries a wide selection of baby bibs. They range from the basic newborn style, all the way to exotic themed plastic bibs. Somewhere in between, you can find long sleeved bibs organic material bibs, painting aprons and bandana bibs. This company is situated in the United Kingdom and they all seem to be reasonably priced. 

The newborn baby bibs has several different colours. A brand new “snuggle neck” bib style is now available. This new style is made up of soft material using an elastic neck that allows the bib to fit snugly around the neck without hurting the baby’s skin.

Whenever your baby outgrows his newborn bib, you will discover many different regular bibs. The material is often cloth or wax-coated and come in several different colors and styles. As your little one learns more about food and just how messy he / she can make it, you may become interested in the long sleeved messy eater bib.

For those who have an infant that’s teething and drooling, a bandana bib is available. There are over one hundred bandana bibs varying in colors and styles ranging from subtle, solid colors to wild, exotic prints. These bibs are produced from a soft, quick-drying material.

For the little artist, you might be interested in buying a painting apron. These range from size small, medium, and large and are meant for children aging from 12 months through four years old.

These bibs aren’t limited to babies only. They cater to large children, special needs adults, as well as our senior citizens. The majority of the bibs have a soft fleece backing which will provide more comfort to the person wearing them. The soft backing is especially important to young infants and the elderly who generally have fragile skin. Easy nappies carries a bandana bib that can fit up to a 17″ neck. They come in a number of colours and patterns that will surely match any outfit.

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